The Winner of the June 2013 Supplier Spotlight Contest is…

We’re finally feeling the Summer heat in the Northeast–I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to take sweating and simultaneously having the Yankees’ Disabled List look like the All-Star Game.

This month, we had 5 entries lickity-split, all from first-time Contestants.  I really want to thank them (and all of you) for consistently turning in thoughtful entries–we couldn’t have this contest without your dedication!

So, the Winner, in a pretty evenly-matched battle, is…

“Play Matchmaker With Your Clients” from Innovision Advertising, LLC!

I think it won because it showcases the nuts-and-bolts of creating lasting business relationships.  Not giant mergers, nor complicated buyouts, just people helping people so everyone can get what they need: work.

This contest is sponsored by Supplier-Connection, an initiative where 21 members have committed to connect U.S.-based SBEs to their supply chains. Registration is open to all U.S. Small Business Enterprises.

June 2013 Poll Results

Supplier Connection SBE Updates

Coming Soon: Interviews With Experts #6 with Shark Tank Contestant and Xero Shoes CEO Steven Sashen!
This past week I had a very exciting face-to-face interview with Steven via desktop video conference system from Viable Video.  He was gracious enough to spend over an hour talking about his SBE journey, the amount of preparation he and his wife (Xero Owner/COO Lena Phoenix) went through for their Shark Tank presentation, and how he sees the role of small business in America. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and I know you will too. I’m going to follow up the video posting with a “lessons learned” entry–real good stuff!

I’ll post the whole video of our conversation, and trust me: you can’t miss this one!  So stay close to Interviews With Experts on The SBE Lifer.

Take a look at us now! New design premieres on
We’ve been working on this site-update for a little while now, and it’s finally done!  Go take a look around at all the new sights & sounds here.

And, as part of the new design, the last 2 winners of the Spotlight will appear on the Supplier-Connection home page for 2 months!  See it here.

Do you check back here regularly?  You should! Because I’m always writing.  Read the latest, most personal entry yet, about growing up and tailing my father on his Snap-On Tools sales route–which got me thinking about my answer to a very important question:  “Why Did You Start Your Small Business?”

And, there’s always another post around the corner, so keep checking in on THE SBE JOURNAL.

Q&A with Supplier Connection’s Katy Brownley
Just wanted to draw your attention to this short & valuable Q&A with Katy Brownley on the D&B Credibility blog.  Give it a read–it’s well worth the few minutes it’ll take!

Have you used the new Social Media Resource Page yet?
We’ve assembled the best “how to” articles on every major social media platform, curated with the SBE in mind! Articles on Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. all in one place–a great resource for you. A dozen new articles just added, click here to read.

Have you read great articles not included in my roundup? Send them to me, my staff and I will read them and post the best ones.  Let’s get involved and help each other out by making this the best curated content on the web about… EVERYTHING Social Media.

And Now for Today’s Forecast…

5 Simple Steps to Increase Your Social Media Impact (complete with a free download)Available to everyone right here.

The Prize for Winning The Supplier Spotlight Monthly Contest:
In exchange for their efforts, Innovision Advertising, LLC has earned the following opportunity to promote their company on Supplier-Connection through the month of July:

– Company logo and links prominently displayed on the Dashboard (New! Check it out now), highlighted under The Supplier Spotlight banner on the Get Connected page, and links to their profile from the Home Page.
– A 200 word description of their business posted beneath their logo
– A link to their website, Facebook page, Twitter account, company blog(s), etc.
– A link to an online sales presentation with audio
– Link(s) to product videos, commercials, and/or their YouTube channel
– Posted links to white papers they might have written
– A link for interested Member Partners or SBE Suppliers to schedule an online sales meeting
– A promotional email gets sent to all registered buyers from the 18-Member Companies

And finally…
– If Innovision Advertising can attribute any new customer order to this promotion I’ll follow up by interviewing Chelsey Brooks, and post the interview on The SBE Lifer blog.

The July 2013 contest starts NOW!
And, by now, you know The Supplier Spotlight contest starts all over again on July 1st. And with 21 Members, 550+ registered Corporate Buyers, a growing number of registered SBEs, along with our daily Social Media campaign driving more SBEs (follow me to The Supplier Spotlight blog; you’ll agree Supplier-Connection is where all SBEs who sell B2B should want to be seen.

ACTION ITEM: Look at how you run your business. Review the innovations you’re deploying that have improved your performance. Remember, your entry is not your chance to sell your service, it’s about sharing ways you improve your company’s performance. Write them up and email the best ones to me no later than 8:00PM Eastern July 8th. Send them to to qualify for July’s contest. (For details on how The Supplier Spotlight works, click here).

Remember… You can’t advertise on the Supplier-Connection portal for any amount of money.

No. You cannot.

The only thing we’ll accept is your best ideas.

SBEs are a journey… may the best idea win!

Dan Gallo
Small Business AdvocateSupplier Connection
Managing DirectorThe Allasso Group, LLC
Chief Operating Officer, myVRM

Let’s Connect!
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To submit an entry in The Supplier Spotlight contest you need to be a registered member of the Supplier-Connection initiative with a completed registration. Registration is FREE. For more information you can watch this 1.5 minute video or read a lot more on the Supplier-Connection portal.

About Dan Gallo

I'm a small business lifer, starting/running businesses since I sold seeds door-to-door as a kid in The Bronx. I've played guitar and enjoyed baseball since I was 5 (born a NY Yankees fan). Just prior to marrying Kim in 1983 I became a Christian. We have two sons; Daniel's a musician & social media expert with a smart, insightful sense of humor, and Adam who recently graduated from Brooklyn College double majoring in Creative Writing/Literature and Anthropology. Adam now works in the non-profit sector. Since 2002 one thing we love to do together is go on service/missions trips to Belize. We've collectively spent 60+ weeks in Belize with this missions organization I started my 1st company in January 1985, and been self-employed ever since. I sold my last company, Mentor Communications Group, in '04. After 2 years w/ the acquiring company I started The Allasso Group, LLC doing Small Business Consulting, Fund Raising/Capital Raise-up Campaigns, Sales Strategy, Outsourced Sales Agency work, & Digital Marketing Programs (Social Media, SEM, etc.) since April 2006. Notable projects: Hired as Small Business Advocate and Social Media Director for IBM's "Supplier-Connection" - Feb '11-Dec '13. Hired as COO to help turn-around late stage start-up software company myVRM. Jul12-Dec '13 Hired as CEO of, a Digital Health2.0 app, to write business plan, raise seed capital, & completely redesign and relaunch the app. Aug '16 I won a Finalist spot for MassChallenge UK's 2016 fall cohort in London from Sept thru Nov. Started Oct15 - Current. I enjoy helping turn-around struggling small businesses, and launching new business ventures. Feel free to contact me with opportunities.
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