Entry #3: 5 Tips Every SBE Should Use


July 2013 Entry 3

Have you ever heard the saying, if common sense was so common, everyone would be doing it?  I’m actually not sure I have, either, but it’s true:  We all know the simple things we should be doing, whether it’s light exercise, more vegetables, or more sleep, but most of us forget.  The same is true for business, so I think these 5 tips bear repeating:

  • Always be smiling and make eye contact with everyone you can.
  • Have polished elevator pitches ready to use and decide which one is the most appropriate for the person you’re speaking with. You can meet your new best customer in line for breakfast or even the restroom (I have many times).
  • Even your competitors could be your partner in the future, so don’t be afraid to speak with them and build a relationship.
  • Conferences are expensive to attend and without follow up they can be a waste of time.  Set a goal as to what you want to get out of a conference, whether it’s knowledge, new suppliers, new customers, or to solidify relationships. Calculate the ROI on each.
  • Not every conversation has to be about your company–it’s amazing how many connections can be made and relationships built with simple small talk.  If you’re uncomfortable with small talk, practice alone and have a few sentences memorized to start you off. The best part is really listening to the person you’re speaking with and learning about their business and their life.

The last tip is to just have fun!

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About Dan Gallo

I'm a small business lifer, starting/running businesses since I sold seeds door-to-door as a kid in The Bronx. I've played guitar and enjoyed baseball since I was 5 (born a NY Yankees fan). Just prior to marrying Kim in 1983 I became a Christian. We have two sons; Daniel's a musician & social media expert with a smart, insightful sense of humor, and Adam who recently graduated from Brooklyn College double majoring in Creative Writing/Literature and Anthropology. Adam now works in the non-profit sector. Since 2002 one thing we love to do together is go on service/missions trips to Belize. We've collectively spent 60+ weeks in Belize with this missions organization http://twaw.org. I started my 1st company in January 1985, and been self-employed ever since. I sold my last company, Mentor Communications Group, in '04. After 2 years w/ the acquiring company I started The Allasso Group, LLC doing Small Business Consulting, Fund Raising/Capital Raise-up Campaigns, Sales Strategy, Outsourced Sales Agency work, & Digital Marketing Programs (Social Media, SEM, etc.) since April 2006. Notable projects: Hired as Small Business Advocate and Social Media Director for IBM's "Supplier-Connection" - Feb '11-Dec '13. Hired as COO to help turn-around late stage start-up software company myVRM. Jul12-Dec '13 Hired as CEO of CoupleWise.com, a Digital Health2.0 app, to write business plan, raise seed capital, & completely redesign and relaunch the app. Aug '16 I won a Finalist spot for MassChallenge UK's 2016 fall cohort in London from Sept thru Nov. Started Oct15 - Current. I enjoy helping turn-around struggling small businesses, and launching new business ventures. Feel free to contact me with opportunities.
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