March 2013: Vote Now for The Supplier Spotlight!

March.  For many north-easterners, the only madness we feel in March is waiting for April and the launching of Spring.  Or Opening Day at Yankee Stadium–either way, I’m waiting.

This month we’ve got 4 entries that all hew to a similar & universally important message: You need to be there for your clients or you won’t “be” at all.  Being a small business is all about interrogating and re-interrogating what it means to serve.  And these 4 entries underline that point over and over again, witness:

Thanks for coming! This month’s voting has ended but, please, check out the entries! We’ll reveal the winner by March 28th!

Entry #1: Bring On The CRMs | 2B Solutions
Entry #2: Give 2 Receive | Summer Alexander Research
Entry #3: Be a Coach to Your Managers | ADRA Change Architects
Entry #4: Connect as Soon as Possible | The Leadership Source

As always, the company with the most votes gets promoted on the Supplier Connection web portal for the month of April. Voting ends Tuesday evening, March 26th at 8:00PM Eastern. Check back often to see what happens this month!

Supplier Connection SBE Updates

Your Supplier Connection Anniversary is coming!
What does that mean for you?  It means you have to do 2 things:  1. Log in at least once every 12 months:  If you don’t, your account (no matter if your application is %100 Complete or not) will be Deactivated.  2. Verify your Company Profile:  Log in to the Supplier Connection Portal and verify your Profile within a year of the date you completed it, otherwise your Profile won’t be visible to any buyers.

So do that right now before you forget:

This is a new journal I’m keeping on The SBE Lifer, for my more direct everyday  musings on running an SBE again.  These entries are shorter, more informal, less top-strata theorizing and more core-feelings about the common demands of a small business.  Click here to read the first 5 entries.

Even more Interviews With Experts on The SBE Lifer
In just over a month we’ve already gotten 4 great interviews with leading Social Media experts–and we’ve got even more on the way, covering not only Social Media but other topics (like help landing Government Contracts, or how can an SBE get in on the Outsourcing trend)–so you’ll definitely want to bookmark Interviews With Experts.

Have you used the new Social Media Resource Page yet?
We’ve taken time to assemble the best “how to” articles on every major social media platform, curated with the SBE in mind! The best articles we’ve found on blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. all in one place–a handy resource for any Small Business.  So click here to read up.

Have you read great articles on these topics not included? Send them to me, my staff and I will read them and post the best ones.  Let’s get involved and help each other out by making this the best curated content on the web about… EVERYTHING Social Media!

6 Ways for Trade Shows to Deliver an ROI

5 Simple Steps to Increase Your Social Media Impact (complete with a free download) Now available to everyone right here.

Remember, running an SBE is a long, hard journey… stop trying to do it alone!

Dan Gallo
SBE AdvocateSupplier-Connection
Chief Operating OfficermyVRM
Managing Director, The Allasso Group, LLC

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Check out February’s Contest Winner: Perfect Resources

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About Dan Gallo

I'm a lifelong entrepreneur, starting/running businesses since I sold seeds door-to-door when I was 7 in The Bronx. I've been playing guitar and enjoying the game of baseball since I was 5 (born a NY Yankees fan). I married Kim in 1983 & we have two sons; Daniel's a real smart, insightful & well read musician ( and Adam is a brilliant senior @ Brooklyn College double majoring in creative writing/literature & anthropology. Since 2002, one of the things we love to do together is go on service & missions trips to Belize. We've collectively spent over 60 weeks in Belize & I serve on the Board for the missions organization ( focused on Belize. I started my 1st company in January 1985, and other than selling a company in 1999 and running it for a multi-billion dollar company for 2 years before buying it back, I've been self-employed. I sold my last company, Mentor Communications Group, in 2004 and after 2 years with the acquiring company I left and started The Allasso Group, LLC doing Sales Strategy & Business Development, Marketing Communications, Social Media since April 2006. Although I'm still contracted by Supplier-Connection as their Small Business Advocate, I recently was contracted to run a software company I enjoy consulting, but it's really great to be running an SBE again.
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