Entry #2: Get a TaskRabbit


A couple of months ago we started using an app called TaskRabbit, and it’s really improved the efficacy (and costs) of our temporary hiring.  The app & the website are incredibly user-friendly, and every person we’ve hired has been excellent.


With TaskRabbit, you post a job you need done and almost immediately you’ll receive several responses from willing applicants—all of whom have been vetted by TaskRabbit—who will offer to do most things for a set & reasonable price you work out with them on-point (you don’t even pay the person directly, you just pay TaskRabbit, so there’s no concern about whether someone is an independent contractor or making payments-through-3rd parties).

This can be so valuable to SBEs because most of us don’t have a huge staff to carry out every single small chore. For example, we’ve used TaskRabbit to find someone to hand-address our holiday cards and even serve food at our holiday party, so it’s already saved me about 4 hours of tedious handwriting & waiting tables.

We’re also in the process of updating and cleaning up our database—and I’m going to hire a TaskRabbit for that, too.  Check it out, because I’m sure that a TaskRabbit is out there who can help you do whatever you need done.

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About Dan Gallo

I'm a lifelong entrepreneur, starting/running businesses since I sold seeds door-to-door at 7 in The Bronx. I've played guitar and enjoyed the game of baseball since I was 5 (born a NY Yankees fan). I married Kim in 1983, we have two sons; Daniel's a musician & social media expert with a smart, insightful sense of humor, and Adam who recently graduated from Brooklyn College double majoring in Creative Writing/Literature and Anthropology. Since 2002, one thing we love to do together is go on service/missions trips to Belize. We've collectively spent 60+ weeks in Belize with this missions organization http://twaw.org. I started my 1st company in January 1985, and other than selling a company in 1999 and running it for a multi-billion dollar company for 2 years before buying it back, I've been self-employed. I sold my last company, Mentor Communications Group, in '04. After 2 years w/ the acquiring company I started The Allasso Group, LLC doing Small Business Consulting, Fund Raising/Capital Raise-up Campaigns, Sales Strategy and Sales Agency work, since April 2006. Notable projects: Hired as Small Business Advocate and Social Media Director for IBM's "Supplier-Connection" - Feb '12-Dec '13. Hired as COO to help turn-around late stage start-up software company myVRM. Jul12-Dec '13 I enjoy helping turn-around struggling small businesses, and launching new business ventures. Contact me with any opportunities.
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