Entry #1: Cut Those Unhealthy Attachments



One of the great things about the rise of cloud-based software apps—aside from Angry Birds—is the huge improvements in productivity tools we now have at our disposal.

We moved away from using “legacy software” like Microsoft Word and Outlook, which means we also cut out confusing email attachments (you know when you’re collaborating on a proposal and everyone emails their updated file and you save 8 versions… then later on you can’t remember which files you can delete & which one is the most accurate?), non-compatible file types, version updates—I could go on.

Now, we use Google Apps and Google Drive for email, calendars and document management—the file synchronization, integrated version control, and real-time multi-user document collaboration make for huge productivity gains: no more ‘document_v3_dec20_final.doc‘ email attachments—and no more wasted time!

Hope this helps,

Chris Strom
Chris Strom LLC
Phone: 303-960-9228

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About Dan Gallo

I'm a lifelong entrepreneur, starting/running businesses since I sold seeds door-to-door when I was 7 in The Bronx. I've been playing guitar and enjoying the game of baseball since I was 5 (born a NY Yankees fan). I married Kim in 1983 & we have two sons; Daniel's a real smart, insightful & well read musician (www.thefieldrecordings.com) and Adam is a brilliant senior @ Brooklyn College double majoring in creative writing/literature & anthropology. Since 2002, one of the things we love to do together is go on service & missions trips to Belize. We've collectively spent over 60 weeks in Belize & I serve on the Board for the missions organization (www.twaw.org) focused on Belize. I started my 1st company in January 1985, and other than selling a company in 1999 and running it for a multi-billion dollar company for 2 years before buying it back, I've been self-employed. I sold my last company, Mentor Communications Group, in 2004 and after 2 years with the acquiring company I left and started The Allasso Group, LLC doing Sales Strategy & Business Development, Marketing Communications, Social Media since April 2006. Although I'm still contracted by Supplier-Connection as their Small Business Advocate, I recently was contracted to run a software company http://myvrm.com. I enjoy consulting, but it's really great to be running an SBE again.
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