Entry #4: Be a Specialist & Stay Focused!



One of the greatest advantages of being a Small Business is specialization—whether it’s your product line, service offerings, or personnel, specialization and expertise are the things that keep us competitive in a field crowded with giant corporations.

Here are some of our best practices that we use to ensure our business is profitable and efficient without sacrificing our unique expertise:

  • We stick with our niche.  We only specialize in Marketing and hiring Marketing Consultants.  This way we’re not competing with larger consulting or staffing firms.
  • Our Account Managers are focused.  Each National Account Manager is specialized in a specific vertical (Telecommunication, Pharmaceutical, CPG, etc.), which makes our clients’ needs more specific & easier to fulfill—whether they need one consultant or a managed services team.  Being specialized also means our clients’ buying cycle is compressed—we know who to talk to in each company & who to present to for each order.
  • Our Team meets every week.  Monday morning “All Hands” Meetings start the week off right!  Our CEO leads the meeting with positive energy, inviting team members to commend other team members (we also end each meeting with an inspirational quote from one of the team) while we discuss all our different jobs & projects.  Having a dedicated & enthusiastic team is important—if people are unhappy in their environment, production will suffer—if you have happy employees, they’ll be more productive & therefore the business will be more profitable!

Thank You,
Cindy Caldwell, eMarketing Manager
Tel: 866-775-6810
Direct: 678-473-4615
Fax: 678-935-4371
WBENC Certified

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About Dan Gallo

I'm a lifelong entrepreneur, starting/running businesses since I sold seeds door-to-door when I was 7 in The Bronx. I've been playing guitar and enjoying the game of baseball since I was 5 (born a NY Yankees fan). I married Kim in 1983 & we have two sons; Daniel's a real smart, insightful & well read musician (www.thefieldrecordings.com) and Adam is a brilliant senior @ Brooklyn College double majoring in creative writing/literature & anthropology. Since 2002, one of the things we love to do together is go on service & missions trips to Belize. We've collectively spent over 60 weeks in Belize & I serve on the Board for the missions organization (www.twaw.org) focused on Belize. I started my 1st company in January 1985, and other than selling a company in 1999 and running it for a multi-billion dollar company for 2 years before buying it back, I've been self-employed. I sold my last company, Mentor Communications Group, in 2004 and after 2 years with the acquiring company I left and started The Allasso Group, LLC doing Sales Strategy & Business Development, Marketing Communications, Social Media since April 2006. Although I'm still contracted by Supplier-Connection as their Small Business Advocate, I recently was contracted to run a software company http://myvrm.com. I enjoy consulting, but it's really great to be running an SBE again.
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